Kildonan Centre

The Kildonan Centre in South Uist is a heritage and cultural amenity which includes a museum, a craft shop, a Fèis room for ceilidhs, music and dance, a café and an archaeology room.

The museum (Taigh Tasgaidh Chill Donnain), is owned by the South Uist Historical Trust. Originally a school it has been extended and developed into a multi-purpose centre, with full museum accreditation.

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Kildonan Museum

History of the collection

Kildonan Museum holds over 10,000 items related to the social, domestic and cultural history of South Uist.

During the 1950’s and 1960’s the late Father John Morrison, parish priest of Iochdar in South Uist collected nearly 700 items representing the cultural identity of South Uist. These items were displayed in a small thatched cottage. Father Morrison signed over his collection to be held on behalf of the people of South Uist.

In 1997 Kildonan museum (Taigh-tasgaidh Chill Donnain) was extended beyond its premises in the old-school house and became a heritage, arts and culture centre for the area. In 2017 the museum was further extended, this time to accommodate a new gallery and learning facilities.

The collection’s timeline is vast including ancient archaeological finds and items related to townships, crofting and agriculture. It holds the Clan Ranald stone, thought to have been carved to commemorate John of Moidart, chieftain of the Clan Ranald in the late 1500s.


Cultural and heritage facilities

The museum has a ‘Feis Room’ as a learning and performing art space for Gaelic culture including music, drama, art and storytelling.

There’s also an open-access archive containing maps, documents and photographs telling South

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Kildonan Café

A warm welcome

Kildonan Café is a popular spot for local’s and visitor’s alike. It’s also a great place to relax, enjoy the views and hear stories from local residents!


A tasty menu

There are lots of freshly prepared dishes using locally sourced ingredients, as well as amazing home baking.



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Craft Shop


Inspired designs

The Craft Shop is run by Uist Craft Producers. The group came together in the late 1980s to promote arts and crafts of Uist.

They have over 50 members engaged in the production of paintings and other artwork, knitware, textiles and woodwork.


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